Finding the Right Therapist For You

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Most people come into therapy because they are in a place of crisis, often pain, and therapy is their last resort. To let yourself be vulnerable with a stranger is hard, but overcoming stigma can make it even harder.

We see a strength and a fortitude in the person who walks over that threshold of fear and humility. It takes a hidden strength to ask for help and to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Asking for help is the first step in a journey that leads to new destination and better outcome.

We find that when clients find a therapist whom they can trust, feel comfortable with, and feel a sense of hope in the therapist’s expertise, they become empowered to open up to see the possibilities of hope and change.

Look at the profiles of the independent practitioners providing services at Beverly Therapists' offices and reach out directly to ask questions and/or to schedule with them.

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Meet the Therapists

Lisa Catania

Natalie Allen

Pete D Hardy III

Eric Lindquist

Ben Walker

Robert Yata

Pat Harthun

Crystal Balfour

Claude King

Carolyn Stypka

Pamela K Williams

Liz Brice

Jennifer Lara

Adrienne L Dancy

Dennis Klacko

Bonn Wade

Jamin Wright

Marsha Brock