"When challenged with something beyond our control, we can go within and find resources we never knew we had.” 

It’s vital to take care of your mental and emotional health, especially with the added stress of uncertainty

during the coronavirus pandemic. Beverly Therapists has shifted to offer counseling assessment and ongoing therapy

through telehealth while we weather this uncertain time together. 

Though we have never been through a societal crisis like this, we are all in this together. Please engage in

extra self-care! Read our recent blog post here for ideas to center and ground yourself. 


Additionally, all of our groups and events are on hold until further notice. Check back in the future, as we will run

our groups and events again, and will be adding new ones!


Be well. With love and peace, BT

As we navigate the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, connecting with mental health support is still possible. Beverly Therapists is able to offer Telehealth sessions for residents of Illinois. In Telehealth (learn more below) sessions, the therapist and client interact in real time - similar to contacting someone through a Skype call or a Facetime call. 


Our Telehealth therapists have completed additional training in Telehealth and provide a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform for the initial assessment and ongoing online counseling sessions. Additionally, our intake therapist can explore if Telehealth sessions are appropriate for your current need.


Telehealth sessions can be accessed from a computer or mobile phone. It is best to have a private space that ensures privacy and confidentiality for your session. Telehealth sessions do have specific limitations that could impact the session, such as issues with technology or internet connection strength. Though these could be uncommon, you and your therapist can explore options to problem-solve any technical issues that may arise. 


Though Telehealth sessions are common in the counseling field and many insurance plans do cover this mode of therapy, it is best to contact your insurance plan and inquire if Telehealth sessions are a covered benefit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many policies that normally do not cover telehealth for mental health service have temporarily made exceptions to help their insureds access needed health services. Your insurance company or benefits department can give you more information about the extent, limit and duration of these provisions. If you would prefer to not use your insurance benefits or do not have Telehealth as a covered benefit, you can still connect with one of our therapists using their self-pay rate.


After you make initial contact with one of our therapists via phone or email, they will follow up to discuss your needs, mutual availability, payment/insurance issues.  When an appointment is made, the therapist will send you informational forms and consents to complete and return electronically. Each of our therapists can guide you through this process so we can do the important work of connecting to support your emotional and mental health needs. 

Questions about starting Telehealth sessions?

Contact our intake therapist at 773-310-3488 or beverlytherapists@icloud.com.

Therapists in Our Office Offering Telehealth:

Lisa Catania

Crystal Balfour

Jim Peltzer

Bonn Wade

Pat Harthun

Dennis Klacko

Erica Steenbergen

Ben Walker

Natalie Allen

Kanosha Leonard

Carolyn Stypka

Jamin Wright

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