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Mastering the Mindset To Physical and Mental Fitness

As my heart is racing and I can feel the sweat dripping from my baseball cap, which is drawn down to my eyebrows to hide the facial expressions displayed throughout the most challenging parts of my work-out; there comes an overwhelming sense of relief. I’ve accomplished a goal for today. I did something for myself today; for my health.  I may not be afforded the time to address this every day, but today I did! How did I find the motivation, the determination not only to wake up before my husband and my children, get dressed, drive to the gym, start my workout, push through the discomfort of the strenuous training; the burning in my legs, my chest, my heart?….Mindset! In the beginning and in the end, it all comes down to your mindset.

Many of us share the same goal or desire to be physically fit. We may even be surprised to discover that our barriers are quite similar, though our journeys unique. While some set a plan, purchase a book, a gym membership, and start the journey 100% committed and determined to gain results, for the vast majority of individuals, commitment levels significantly wane in correlation to barriers present. These barriers are real; they’re overwhelming, and damning! They involve our children, spouses, work, friends, parents, commercials, food trucks, birthday parties, and much more. How in the world are we expected to win a war involving a battle at every possible turn? Oh how this can weigh us down, drain us, and hurt far worse than a 3 mile run, or barbell squats. To be defeated is not an option because our physical, mental, and emotional health is far too important to sacrifice. There is hope however, and likelihood for success when the mindset is addressed, and tools are utilized to support the social and emotional components of goal attainment.

Various factors should be considered prior to beginning your health and fitness journey, and preparation is the primary key to success. The obvious factors any fitness trainer will inform you of include obtaining a gym membership, a DVD or equipment to use at home; finding a diet or meal plan that works for you and your schedule, and developing a training regimen.  What your typical trainer won’t however prepare you for are those days when your significant other brings home a pizza, or when your co-workers plan a potluck with a menu to include absolutely nothing on your diet!  Finding the motivation to begin the journey may not be so difficult, but the motivation to continue the journey despite setbacks is far more challenging. The factors essential to goal attainment include formulating conversations to gain the support of family and friends, exploring the barriers to remain committed, and gaining control of the mindset by discovering skills to change thought patterns. In light of these factors, a fitness trainer who is also licensed and qualified to provide mental and emotional health counseling will be the ideal support.

Our physical health has such a significant impact on our emotional and mental well -being that to ignore it, or delay addressing it is setting ourselves up for a world of issues. These can include depression, anxiety, lowered inhibitions, and interpersonal conflicts.  In a world where there is much that we have no control over, for most, our physical health is not one of those things. We can have control. We can improve, and to be physically, mentally, and emotionally well is possible with the right support.  The first step is to decide you are in control, you are capable, and most importantly, you are worth it!

Upcoming Events:

Mastering the Mindset Workshops are offered frequently throughout the year, and are developed based on the needs of the community and per request. For more information, and to sign up for a workshop, visit


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