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Let’s Talk About Finances…

That statement alone can cause a multitude of emotions to surface. Our relationship with finances is one that can positively or negatively impact other relationships, yet it is rarely openly discussed, and usually only when pushed to do so by circumstances.

At Beverly Therapists, we strive to provide clients with support in all types of relationships, including the one with their financial house. Finances is more than budgeting and tracking spending. It is about our history with and emotions that surface when the topic of finances comes up. It is about the impact finances has on our daily life, relationships, and emotional wellness.

The first step in regaining a healthy relationship with our financial house is usually the most challenging. We have to engage in self-reflection and increase awareness of the current state of our relationship. Finances can be a significant stressor in any relationship. The following questions can also serve as conversation starters with other people in our lives about finances, especially partners.

Questions that may be helpful in this process are: -What spoken or unspoken messages did you receive about finances as a child? -What kind of relationship do you currently have with your finances? – Is it an anxious one? An avoidant one? A stressed one? A stable one? -What are your financial goals? -What are your financial fears? -What beliefs or rules do you have about finances? -How often do you review finances?

These questions can help guide the path of establishing a healthy relationship with finances by exploring the dynamics that can interfere with that relationship. As with any relationship we want to enhance, time and energy needs to be devoted to this relationship. Obtaining resources and tools may be necessary to establish a foundation for your financial house. The internet provides a plethora of resources on budgeting, saving, joy-based spending, investing, retirement, etc. Our January Stress Management seminar will focus on Financial Wellness and also allows an opportunity to explore your financial house and ways to enhance your relationship. Additionally, maintaining weekly “check-ins” with your finances will increase awareness of areas that need attention and successes to be celebrated. Your first celebration could be congratulating yourself on beginning the journey of establishing a healthy relationship with your financial house! Jennifer Lara is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and works with clients to establish a healthy relationship with their finances. On January 14th, she will be leading a Stress Management and Financial Wellness Seminar. More information and to RSVP can be found on our website. Jennifer can be reached directly at 773-251-8016.


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